CoreFitness Give & Get Fit Holiday Challenge

If you feel like the holidays are a fast paced blur and by the time they’re over you’re wishing you had taken better care of your fitness or given more to someone in need, then listen up…we’ve come up with a challenge for the good and healthy hearted!

Here’s how it works, every time you attend a CoreFit group class from Nov 18th through Dec 31st, $1 is contibuted by CoreFitness to our CFHC fund on your behalf. (yes, it’s that easy!). Attend our specialty ‘F.A.T’ and ’12 Days of CoreFitness’ class series, and donations are doubled!

You’ll see first hand where your donations are going and the faces of those you are helping. Our goal is $1,000 so we need ALL of you! If we reach this goal we will be able to provide a ….to the ….. The more classes you attend, the more you are making a difference in someone else’s life. We can’t think of anything that could possibly feel better than that.

Help us keep what matters most this holiday season close to hearts, bodies and spirits..being good to ourselves and lending a hand to others. It’s the CoreFit community way!

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