CoreFitness NEW Membership Options: HardCore, Core8 and Core4!

CoreFitness would like to introduce the following new membership options for you to select from that best fit your budget and schedule.

HardCore: Unlimited monthly classes! $99/month with a 3 month minimum. This includes all boot camp and specialty classes, specialty series and SHRED.

Core8: Any 8 classes a month! $79/month with a 3 month minimum. Includes any 8 boot camp and specialty classes including any classes within SHRED or a specialty series.

Core4: Any 4 classes a month. $59/month with 3 month minimum. Includes any 4 boot camp and specialty classes including any class within SHRED or a specialty series.

*Please note that participation in SHRED or specialty classes at the Core8 and Core4 levels does not include the nutritional components and facebook private group access to the program. (Upgrade to the HardCore membership for any given month for $30 with Core8 or $55 with Core4). Unused classes do not carry over month to month.

All membership options will renew automatically every month, contact to request any changes.

Learn More About Our New Memberships

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