My Body Has Never Felt Stronger! 


In 2010, I completed the Philadelphia Marathon and fell in love with running.  Before the marathon, (surprisingly) I loathed running and thought it was a monotonous activity that was not considered “fun.”  But after the completion of my first marathon and as I reached my 30th birthday, I had to find a way to get back into shape.  Training for a marathon and crossing the finish line made me realize how much I can push myself physically and mentally.  I found that I even enjoyed it!  And in turn, a deep passion and my love for long distance running began.

As my passion grew, I started to set my sight on completing an ultra-marathon race of 50 miles the following year.  I welcomed the challenge and took on an intense training schedule. During the course of training, my body took a beating from the volume of miles logged week to week.  I started to experience knee pain and IT band issues and gradually felt fatigued in my leg muscles. Overall, I still enjoyed distance running but did not feel good about my training leading up to my first ultra-marathon.

I knew, in order to finish an ultra-marathon distance, I would need to incorporate strength exercises to my weekly training schedule. But I did not know where to begin or want to exercise alone in a gym having minimal knowledge of strength and core training workouts. Fortunately, I came across Core-Fitness while doing a google search for “Boot Camp classes in Philadelphia”.

In the Spring of 2011, I started attending boot camp classes once or twice a week and felt instantly drawn to the classes and trainers.  I found each class to be challenging and always different. I loved learning new exercises and enjoyed the interval type of workouts. I wanted to incorporate the workouts into my weekly running/training regimen. I focused on strengthening any weak muscles and to develop better body mechanics for running long distances. I made a commitment to always push myself during class and to always give 110% of my energy.

Working out with Core-Fitness has been highly beneficial and complimentary to my overall running performance.  I noticed a significant change in my body and during my races – I felt stronger, fitter, and faster. I’m proud to say that Core-Fitness has made a difference in my life over the last several years relative to running.  I’ve been able to tackle and accomplish many challenging races, varying from distances of 50K to 100 miles, and my body has never felt stronger!

I love the positive vibe and motivating energy of the trainers and members of the Core-Fitness family.  Core-Fitness has provided me a place to sweat my ass off with amazing people and still have a great time doing it!”

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