Cynthia Brown

CORE-FITNESS-PER-500X500-005Cynthia Brown discovered fitness in the same manner she now encourages others to become active. A friend convinced her to run a 5k race, something she never before considered. Prior to that, to Cindy, running a mile sounded overwhelming.

Though she was raised in a family of athletes, Cindy shied away from anything physical in a group setting. She struggled with weight gain and confidence as a result. She placed her efforts in strategically covering up her excess weight and used unhealthy food for comfort.

It was that first 5K race, and belief from a friend that she could actually do it, that Cindy forever found her connection to physical activity. While she worked in finances at Merrill Lynch, Cindy began her pursuit towards a fitness career. In 2005, she earned her personal training and group fitness certification from the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA). She trained clients part time with CoreFitness and in 2008 she had the opportunity to join CoreFitness as a full time trainer and partner.

During this time Cindy continued pursuing her passion for racing. To date, she has competed in a countless number, some of which are 7 time finisher of the Philadelphia Marathon (9 marathons in total), Chesapeake Ironman, and the Philadelphia Olympic Triathlon (TriRock) every year since its inaugural year in 2004. She received recognition in 2014 by the TriRock organization and local news media as the Philly Triathlon celebrated its 10th anniversary. She was spotlighted as one of a the few athletes to have competed every year.

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As a personal trainer, Cindy identifies with clients of all fitness levels. She listens to her client’s goals and creates the motivating environment necessary for them to be successful. Cindy’s style of fitness places emphasis on activities intended to build confidence in her clients as they develop physically and begin to accomplish feats they once thought impossible. She inspires her clients to challenge themselves to reach their goals but also to discover the joy of being active and to love and appreciate their bodies. She understands firsthand how this can help an individual.

Whether it’s pull ups at the playground or running the Art Museum stairs, Cindy’s love of fitness is infectious. It is this energy she shares with her clients that helps them make fitness a life style and a happy and healthy life long endeavor. It is this passion, experience and dedication that has earned her recognition among her peers and community.