Gina Mancuso

CORE-FITNESS-PER-500X500-009Gina Mancuso is a licensed physical therapist (MPT), certified personal trainer (CPT), jiu jitsu blue belt, group fitness instructor and founder of CoreFitness. She has a “get-it-done” mentality and encourages clients to push themselves to the edge. Her fitness programs are innovative and inventive; no two workouts are ever alike.

Gina’s group fitness classes are known for outrageous exercises and outside the box workouts. The Animal Inspired Workout has become a class favorite that client’s love to hate. If you need to get out of your exercise rut- get yourself to one of her classes. On the flip side of extreme fitness, Gina’s clientele include individuals recovering from joint replacement, stroke or orthopedic injuries. She develops progressive exercise programs so that these clients can return to life activities that are important to them.

Her most recent fitness accomplishments include crushing the 2019 Turkey Trot and carrying 8 full bags of groceries from car to house in one trip.