Corporate Wellness

CoreFitness believes that the health and wellness of your employees is critical to the “Corporate Wellness” of your business! We provides dynamic lunch and learn sessions to help your employees be at their best, so they can bring their best to work. Employees complaining about back/neck pain? Ask us about Ergonomic Assessments for evaluating/improving workspace layout to improve productivity and reduce sick days.

CoreFitness believes in providing people with an easier way to incorporate fitness into their everyday lives. We educate your staff about how to stay fit and healthy so that each individual can bring their best to the workplace. Whether your company consists of 1 employee or 10,000 employees, the health and wellness of each one is crucial to the success of your business. CoreFitness brings health and wellness programs to businesses, groups and organizations of all sizes.

  • Educational Programs
  • Ergonomic Assessments
  • On- and Off-site Fitness Classes
  • Individual Health/Fitness programming
  • Personal Training

You and your employees are important and valuable assets. Increase your productivity and your company’s bottom line through savings in health care costs and reduced absenteeism. We bring out the best in each person through our unique and easily adaptable approach to health and wellness. For a complimentary consultation on the variety of programs and seminars that would best meet your business and employees’ needs, contact us today.

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