Our #CoreFitSuccess Week Inspiration, John DeAngelo, Shares His Incredible Story!


Our #CoreFitSuccess Week Inspiration is John DeAngelo. John tells his incredible story in this testimonial he gave to us to share.

I really don’t know if I can find the words to actually describe what CoreFitness has done for me. In March of 2016 I went to the doctor’s office who weighed me in at 265 lbs. I was ballooning out of weight literally I was drinking and eating my life away. I was not spending time with anybody in my family because of my lifestyle and I was no use to anyone. I did not know how I was going to fix this I felt so depressed.

Finally I took the courage to walk up to the Art Museum steps my first day in The CoreFitness class. Unfortunately, I cannot remember because I was so nervous and embarrassed if it was you, Gina, or Lauren, but she walked up to me and said hello John, it’s nice to meet you. I heard you were coming and was looking forward to meeting you.

I instantly felt welcome and when the class started I had struggled with everything I don’t even think I made it up and down the steps one time but I knew that I had met the right people who would help me.

Even that first day without anyone even knowing my name they were helping me and guiding me and keeping me encouraged to keep working hard and exercising.

The biggest reward that CoreFitness has given me is the ability and strength to help my family and friends because I feel so good everyday that all I want to do is help anyone and hopefully make them feel better.

I’ve lost 60 lbs altogether. I feel like I have so much more to give life and everybody in my life.

I used to think people exercised and ate healthy just so they can live longer but now I know that that’s not the only benefit,  the biggest benefit is the quality of life and the ability and strength to help others.” – John D.

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