[Shred] was great, intense and addictive!


I moved to Philly in the month of April 2016 and one fine morning was passing the Art Museum where I saw a bunch of folks doing stair workouts; I was super excited to see the energy and thought I should give a try to that but I was terrible in terms of getting up in the mornings. I tried 2-3 times, sent emails to Cindy and Gina but couldn’t make it.

Over the next 6 months, I was only focused on work and was gaining weight significantly, my overall energy level was terrible; the only thing I was doing was work and work. I didn’t go to gym in this entire six months and was at 230 lbs. During September 2016, I browsed the Core Fitness website again and read about their Shred program and sent an email to Cindy who sent a beautiful motivating email and this time I replied her back with a detailed note stating why I would like to be part of this program. (I sent this email to keep myself accountable this time 😉

Next morning, I got up and I was able to push myself to the first day of the Shred program. It was great, intense and addictive! I liked it so much in the serene surroundings of Art Museum and Water works that right after this program, I became the hard-core member and then my journey continued…

I Lost around 30 lbs and slowly but steadily reaching to my goals. I never ran in last 10 years and started with my first 5K with core fit group during September. I was terrible but I kept going. I did 10K Global Energy Race right after 2 weeks of my first 5K, did Rocky Itallion Stallion and a bunch of 5k before the year ended. 2017 started with my first half marathon, a few 10Ks and have rest of the year already lined up with a bunch of 5k/10ks.

The proudest moment came when I was able to do my first ever Spartan race with Cindy and an amazing group of Corefit family (I can’t thank enough to the team who pushed me to the finish line). The year has Sprint coming in October and my Beast in Central Florida leading to get a trifecta this year 🙂

I can’t thank enough to Cindy, Gina, Jonathan, Lauren and Colleen for their infectious energy, creativity and motivation every morning. I am so happy that I am part of this family and surrounded by amazing CoreFitness people.” – Amit T.

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